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Air Logic Distributors

Logo Of Air Logic Division of Knapp Manufacturing Incorporated

Air Logic, a Division of Knapp Manufacturing, is an innovator and manufacturer of various pneumatic and vacuum control products. Air Logic has earned the respect of both their customers and peers in the manufacturing industry due to the quality and excellence of their products.

Knapp Manufacturing has existed since 1945 when Fred Knapp founded it in the basement of his home. It was initially a machine engraving business which Fred Knapp and his family personally operated and managed. The company that then grown into a multi-faceted manufacturer for various industries precision plastics injection molding & tool and die maker.

Knapp Manufacturing entered the pneumatic and vacuum industry after purchasing the Fluidic Division of Johnson Controls in 1975, which is now known as Air Logic Division. This move proved itself to be fruitful because of Air Logic’s fast growth and expansion.

Why Choose Air Logic Products?

Air Logic is a leader in using cutting-edge technologies to create quality and excellent products. From product design to delivery, controls are in place to reduce defects and make sure the products are as perfect as possible. Their decades of experience coupled with the knowledge and training of their employees, Air Logic creates products that perfectly fit the needs of their market.

Air Logic is not all talk when it comes to quality assurance. In fact, they are among the few recipients of the 9001:2015 certificate from the International Organization for Standardization. ISO gives the 9001:2015 certification to companies who exhibit a commitment to provide quality products and services consistently.

AOP Technologies is a proud distributor of Air Logic’s quality and excellent products. Just like them, we believe that a commitment to satisfy customer needs is an essential trait of any business. You can check out our online store to check which Air Logic products are currently in our inventory!

What Products Does Air Logic Offer?

Air Logic is primarily focused on pneumatic and vacuum products. They also provide customization jobs for clients who have specific requirements. Listed below are some of the main divisions of the products they offer:

Modular Precision Regulators and Manifold Systems

Air Logic’s regulators feature top-notch repeatability, miniature size, and sensitive 20 turn adjustment. Balancing of the valve seat gives an output that virtually is unaffected by changes in supply pressure. Only a 1 percent change can be expected of the output psi for every additional input psi.

The Modular Manifold System is compatible with various pneumatic accessories. The unique modular dovetail design allows the regulator or the manifold to be used individually or assembled into a modular combination of Pneumatic Components.

Pressure Switches and Vacuum Switches

Air Logic’s switches are single pole, double throw for common, normally closed, and normally open terminals. Gold contact and solid state switches are available for low current applications. The switches can withstand pressures or vacuum of up to 100 PSI or 29.9″ Hg, respectively. The normal capacity of the switches ranges from 0.5 to 100 PSI or 1 to 28″ Hg.

Plastic Fittings

Air Logic manufactures various types of plastic fittings.  Their catalog includes Miniature Unions, Bulkhead Connectors, Barbed Fittings, Reducing Connectors, Elbows, 10-32 Plugs, Crosses, 10-32 Nipples, Swivel Elbows, Straight Swivels, and Tees (Patent # 4,946,204).

Swivel Fittings

The Swivel Fittings are available in three models, the Swivel Elbow, the Straight Swivel, and the Swivel Tee.  The swivels are available with barbs for 1/16″, 3/32″ or 1/8″ I.D. flexible tubing.  The swivels are available with 10-32 UNF threads, 1/8-27 NPT or 1/4-18 NPT.  The unique design (Patent #4,946,204) allows the fitting to swivel 360°. The snap type fitting is sealed with a Buna-N O-Ring.  The swivel fittings are precision molded of nylon.

Universal Bulkhead Swivel Fittings

The modular bulkhead base has a unique design that allows the swivel fitting to rotate 360°, without regards to the barbed base.  A Double Swivel Bulkhead Base provides the ability to utilize a swivel fitting on both ends of the bulkhead fitting.  Three barb configurations are available, the Straight Swivel, the Swivel Elbow, and the Swivel Tee.  They offer Barbs with 1/16″, 3/32″, 1/8″ or .170″ I.D. tubing.

Miniature Quick Disconnects

Air Logic manufactures miniature plastic Quick Disconnects. Three barb configurations are available, mainly a barbed elbow, straight barb, and a barbed tee. The barbed fitting’s unique design allows it to swivel up to 360 degrees around the base. The fitting is sealed with a Buna-N, Ethylene Propylene, or a Viton O-ring.

The Quick Disconnects has 10-32 UNF male threads; the unique design of the threads allows the fitting to seal without a gasket. They offer Quick Disconnects with 1/16″, 1/8″ or .170″ I.D. tubing. The barb prevents leaking by not having a molded parting line.

Interface Devices

The interface devices that Air Logic offers include both moving and fluidic diaphragm control components. Each of them have features that make them perfect for particular applications.  The Interface Devices include Diaphragm Amplifiers, Test Point Indicators, Sensor Venturis, Diaphragm Comparators, Spring Sensors and a Vacuum Generator.