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Kitting Services

Sticking to your core competencies can be an effective way to alleviate the risk of preparing components for manufacturing. Whether you are an OEM building complicated machinery or simple devices, your time is better spent focusing on those key competencies. Let AOP Technologies kit products such as pre-cut tubing, fittings, electronic components, seals and o-rings or other larger machinery kits.

What are Kitting Services?

Kitting services allow you to place a single order for one line item that can consist of a small or considerable number of parts for your machinery or distribution services. It could be a tubing and fitting kit that includes everything you need to plumb a machine, an electronic kit that includes safety equipment and cables, or an assortment of various seals to fit your specific device. It could also be a service kit for a device you already manufacture. We can provide custom packaging, labeling, barcoding, and unique documentation such as instructions.

How We Approach Kitting Services

  1. Our expert staff will work with you to fully document your kit on our project worksheet form.
  2. A bill of materials is developed along with assembly, packaging, and labeling requirements.  If required, we can also include supplemental forms like certificates of conformance, operating manuals, or other custom documents.
  3. Your kits will look as good as they perform. From basic text only labeling to a variety of bar-coding options and custom graphics, we work with you to create a packaging solution that fits your needs.
  4. Since we are an ISO 9001-2015 registered company, all kits are subject to the same comprehensive inspection processes that our other contract manufacturing projects are.
  5. We also offer build-to-stock programs that ensure your kits will be pre-built and ready for same day delivery the day you release them.
  6. All said and done, you will rest assured knowing that you will receive everything you expect, done right every time!

Why Choose AOP Technologies?

AOP has earned an excellent reputation servicing the fluid power industry with premium product offerings for over 55 years. AOP was founded in 1963 in Portland, Oregon under the name Air-Oil Products Corporation. In the early days, our business was a distribution of sealing products servicing fluid power customers in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. We soon became the Pacific Northwest’s largest distributor of Parker Hannifin seal products.

Within the next few years, our company expanded and diversified to include the distribution of pneumatic and automation components. Then in 1999, we expanded our business yet again, this time to include contract manufacturing services. We have since become an industry leader with our focus on quality work, competitive pricing, and on-time delivery.

Today we have a 20,000 square foot facility in Auburn, Washington with over 5,000 square feet dedicated to industrial contract manufacturing and plastics machining services including medical device contract manufacturing. Our contract manufacturing division is staffed by highly trained assembly professionals and machinists who are supported by our experienced engineering staff, production management, and quality control specialists.

Our entire staff participates in a rigorous training program built upon a comprehensive library of processes developed through our ISO9001:2015 certified quality program. All departments within our organization are audited annually both internally by our quality control department, and externally by an accredited 3rd party auditor. This is done to ensure both quality and consistency in manufacturing for the customers we serve.

Our business is generally viewed as a high-mix low volume contract manufacturer. We boast an extensive assortment of specialty tooling and automated equipment giving our technicians the ability to very quickly convert assembly lines and ramp up production.

We honor the trust our customers put in us and view those relationships as partnerships. We realize that what makes us successful as an organization is our customer’s success. To that end, we continually invest in tooling, technology, and training in order to provide our customers with premium quality and exceptional value. Our aim is to strive to be the premium solution for manufacturing services for the customers we serve.

If you have a project opportunity and are considering the outsourcing of manufacturing services, we ask that you contact one of our representatives. Let us show you how partnering with AOP Technologies can add value to your business and give you a competitive edge in the marketplace.