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Compact Automation Distributors

Compact Automation Products® was started in 1974 in Cleveland, Ohio by an engineer who frequently needed a small and easy to mount air cylinder and had an idea of how to design one. The result was the world’s first space-efficient air cylinder product line. While most competitors now have a similar product offering, Compact®, and their team of world-class engineers, is still the leader, offering industry best force-to-size ratios, the most available standard options, and the ability to customize.

In 2004, Turn-Act rotary actuators were added to the Compact Automation product offering. Like Compact®, Turn-Act rotary actuators have industry leading torque-to-size ratios and product configurability. Together they form a powerful product offering. 

Today Compact® is located in Westminster, SC and is part of ITT, a global manufacturer of highly engineered products. Compact Automation is a leading supplier of high-value actuator solutions to original equipment manufacturers in many industries. Their knowledge and experience enable us to provide unique solutions to our customer’s most difficult challenges. 

A leader in Engineering Solutions

Compact’s 16 patents, has manufactured over 50,000 modified and custom designs.  As part of ITT’s vast family of engineering solution companies, Compact® thrives in a focus towards cylinders and actuators used in industrial automation. With over 12 patents within the Turn-Act® product line, Compact® is a leading manufacturer of rotary actuators and multi-motion devices.

Compact® is dedicated to producing quality products that deliver high power in a small package and is fully repairable. With sizes from 8 mm to 8 inches with forces up to 5,000 lbs. and easily field repairable, they have the right products to meet your application needs.

Common Applications:

  • Medical Equipment 
  • Robotics and Automation 
  • Manufacturing Process Systems 
  • Semi-Conductor Manufacturing 
  • Sub-Sea Equipment 
  • Conveyor Systems 
  • Tooling and Machining Systems 
  • Component Assembly 
  • Automotive Assembly 
  • Food Processing 
  • Sub-Sea Equipment 
  • Packaging
  • General Industrial 
  • Factory Automation 

What Products Does Compact® Offer?

Compact Automation Products® offers highly engineered, reliable and innovative solutions with the smallest footprint to force ratio, for a wide variety of industrial markets globally. Listed below are some of the products offered within their extensive product range.

  • Cylinders (Inch, Metric and Clean-Act®)

Compact® cylinders are designed for limited space and weight applications. Cylinders are up to 60% smaller than conventional types and are ideal for clamping fixtures, robotics, parts feeders, and medical devices. 

Compact® ’s unique space efficient, patented design makes these products perfect for the semiconductor, packaging, medical and factory automation industries.

  • Workholding (Grippers, Twist Cylinders, Collet Closers, Intensifiers)

Compact® Grippers are designed for use in industrial applications such as robotics, automated assembly and manipulator/tooling. All units feature self-contained, double-acting Compact® actuators. All models feature low unit weight, high output and compact size. 

Compact® Twist Cylinders are linear motion cylinders with internal cams that provide 90º swing motion. Twist cylinders are ideal swing clamps for automated and semi-automated assembly. 

Compact® Collet Closers are stationary fixtures for metalworking, bench top assembly, precision robotics and assembly machine applications. With an output gripping force ranging from several pounds to 4 tons, collet closers can also be used for crimping, forming and staking. 

Compact® Intensifiers are simple boosters that utilize large pneumatic pistons to intensify oil pressure with a smaller piston. All intensifiers are designed to be light weight and space efficient. 

  • NFPA

Compact® NFPA cylinders feature the patented Enersorb® piston which provides exceptionally low breakaway, high energy absorption and reduced noise output. The Floating Bearing design allows for minor misalignment and superior wear characteristics. 1-1/2” to 24” Bore.

  • Accessories

Compact® Round, Standard and Husky Sensors are offered with a variety of options to meet your situational needs. 

Compact® Flow controls are available for metered out, metered in or needle valve operations.

Compact® Alignment Couplers are built from hardened steel with a black oxide finish in standard and metric sizes. 

  • Slides (Guided Slides, Ball Slides)

Compact® Slides are designed to outperform conventional non-rotating cylinders. Our slides are designed for short and long stroke. They are perfect for limited space applications where a cylinder is needed that guides and supports its own load. 

The Compact® design of these slides makes them compatible with semiconductor, packaging and assembly applications.

  • Z-Series Slides

Z-Series Slides provide pinch type tooling plate connection improving rigidity with a sturdy system ideal for precise movement and accurate location.

Materials consist of Standard Hardened Carbon Steel, Hardened Stainless Steel, Ceramic Coated Light Weight Aluminum and Corrosion Resistant Coated Hardened Steel.

Standard guide rods/bushings offer solid performance with linear ball or composite bushing options. Oversized guide rods/bushings provide greatest rigidity with minimal deflection. Our Z-Series slides offer a longer life and repairable design.

  • C-Series Slides

Compact® C Series Slides offer 2 body styles with composite or ball bearings and 3 Guide Rod options to address the broadest range of guided linear motion applications. Available Bores: 3/4″, 1-1/16″, 1-1/4″, 1-1/2″ and 2″. An extensive list of options is available including switches, shock absorbers and more. The C-Series is readily modifiable for custom applications with a more economical and non-repairable cylinder design.

  • Guided Rod Cylinders (GRC)

Turn-Act® Guided Rod Cylinders combine high strength, lightweight extruded bodies and the rigid support of composite or roller ball bearings with the Enersorb® piston that provides an unparalleled guided cylinder product. The Enersorb® piston from Turn-Act® provides precise repeatability, smooth operation, high noise reduction and energy absorption all with an extended cycle life and non-lube service. Four base models ranging from 1/2”, 3/4” 1-1/4” and 2-1/2” bore sizes with lift forces from 6 to 490 lbs.

  • Turn-Act® Rotary Vane Actuators

Turn-Act® Rotary Vane Actuators have only one moving part which produces rotary motion with ZERO Backlash, 100% repeatability and continuous full torque. The actuator utilizes patented urethane seals which permit long cycle life and non-lube service. Numerous switch and stroke sensors, adjustable stroke control, special fixed rotations, various shaft styles and materials, and many other options are available to address your specific application requirements.

Torque range is from 1.4 – 5200 in.-lbs.

  • Val-U-Act® & Class-Act®

Compact® Val-U-Act® and Class-Act® are double acting and spring return pneumatic valve operators. Operates 1/4” through 12” ball, plug and butterfly valves.

  • Turn-Dex®

Turn-Dex® is a Turn-Act Rotary Vane Actuator with an overrunning clutch providing unidirectional output shaft rotation, either clockwise or counter clockwise. Torque range is from 13 to 350 in.-lbs.

  • Multi-Act® Actuators

Multi-Act® Actuator’s exclusive design generates linear and rotary motion. 

The motions may be operated independently and/or simultaneously. Both, the linear and rotary strokes are fully adjustable. The load is carried by an oversized shaft and heavy-duty guide rails.

AOP Technologies is proud to carry the complete line of Compact Automation products.