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Compact Automation Products

In the design of the custom actuator, Compact Automation Products successfully customized for several challenges.

  • First, they had to ensure that the cylinder could handle a 5-pound off-center load while maintaining a vibration-free stroke and tight tolerance for rod alignment.
  • Next, the cylinder required a hollow rod for a pass-through stationary conduit for the pedestal cooling lines. It also had to accommodate rod-mounted bellows for sealing the chamber.
  • Finally, it was crucial that the unit had to be competitively priced!

The solution was a modified version of the standard ARFHD 3×12 cylinder. This included an oversized hollow rod and piston, as well as internal stroke cushioning. The design also incorporated chrome plating for clean room compliance, and a stroke clearance tolerance of .001″ – .003″ between the bushing and rod.

Interested in exploring how AOP Technologies and Compact Automation Products can create a custom actuator for you, contact us today.